Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Hello Los Angeles!!!! The Food Flirt from 90210, a.k.a. me, Lindsay, took a year long hiatus from this blog and moved to Aspen Colorado. I'll be dishing candidly about every restaurant in that tiny town because I tried them all, but for the moment, I'm excited to delve back into sweet LA LA Land. Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009


My VERY pregnant friend and I went to lunch at Villa Blanca, the new Italian spot that replaced Trilussa. Between you and me, I can say with the utmost sincerity, the LAST thing Beverly Hills needed was ANOTHER mediocre Italian eatery. Honestly, what is the deal? Why are there SO MANY? Can we get a little Thai or Indian up in here? I am well aware that a slew of diners exist who will disagree with me, but I'll take Via Veneto in Santa Monica any day. So, if you have a glimmer of insight into the Italian food obsession in BH, let me know! Moving on ...

The atmosphere at Villa Blanca is whimsical, romantic, and white on white, which feels fresh and glamorous. There's a lovely patio on the sidewalk but the inside seating is equally inviting. You might think you've stepped into someones romantic wedding reception for a moment. The menu (thank god) offers some items not seen elsewhere in BH, such as a variety of Italian inspired sandwiches and flat breads as well as some unique appetizers. (More details after next visit.)

Since it was lunch, we both opted for salads which I enjoyed more than my usual greens at La Scala, Il Pastaio, or Via Alloro. Both were very fresh with lots of "the good stuff" meaning chicken, cheese, olives etc. This is hard to find in Beverly Hills where salads are usually quite lettuce heavy despite the $18.00 price tag. I tried the Greek salad with shrimp and Erica had the chicken chopped. At Villa Blanca I felt the food at least stood up to the price.

Our waiter was fabulous! He really made our afternoon sweet and enjoyable. I forgot his name, but remember his accent! We decided to indulge in cappuccino and dessert so I would have more blog fodder and my friend could satiate her mommy-to-be cravings.

The coffee was delish! The molten lava chocolate cake ... YUMMYLISCIOUS! I'm normally not one to rave about a dessert unless it really deserves my glowing review and I've had plenty of average molten chocolate lava cakes. This one rates a super 9! I took one point off as the cake around the edges was a tiny bit dry. The rest, superb and worth every calorie. I'll be returning to Villa Blanca soon for a dinner review!

This newbie Italian restaurant is worth a try if you're sick of all the others and want better quality for your cash. The food is good, the atmosphere great, and the service 5 star!

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