Thursday, March 13, 2008

Coupa Cafe ~ 7.5

It's important to give restaurants a second and possibly third chance, just as it is with people. I tried Coupa Cafe twice when they first opened in Beverly Hills and wasn't impressed. Early this week, boyfriend and I were lamenting over how Beverly Hills needs a few better breakfast spots. Since he'd never been, we walked into Coupa Cafe and were so deliciously satisfied by the time we left, we returned the next morning!

They have these addicting Arepas and phenomenal coffee from Venezuela. Arepas (for those who don't know, I didn't) are a very popular Venezuelan snack food, especially for the late night party crowd. We go for pizza, or possibly "street meat" (aka hot dogs on a cart) at 2am. Venezuelans eat Arepas. They are little corn cakes that remind me of a Pita/English Muffin hybrid. When sliced in half, they are very thin, a little crispy, and you can fill them with anything you'd like. They become a perfect little sandwich, about the size of our Egg McMuffins, but much tastier!
On visit #2, Derrek ordered the Breakfast Special Arepa, eggs with bacon and Gouda, as well as one with turkey, goat cheese and spinach.

I customized mine with egg whites, sun dried tomatoes, and light Gouda cheese (trying to be healthy). All three were wonderful, but the Breakfast Special is great if you're hungover!

Now let's talk coffee. Among my favorite places in BH to get my morning ritual Cafe au Lait are Frittelli's, Ingrid's, and Le Provence. COUPA CAFE is now my coffee obsession of the moment. I always knew my heart would be stolen my someone or something in South America ... I guess it's the latter :). I asked if they had a mild coffee and our waiter suggested the Caracas. Not only did my Au Lait arrive looking red carpet ready, but also had velvet-like mircofoam, the tell tail sign of a fine barista. The coffee was rich, decadent, and smooth, as promised. Coupa Cafe also has free WiFi, beer and wine, a cute outdoor patio area and a warm fireplace inside. Their flagship cafe is in Palo Alto, Ca.

Coupa Cafe
419 N Canon Dr
Beverly Hills, CA 90210-4819
Phone: (310) 385-0420

Cross Street: Brighton Way
Hours: Daily 7:30am-11pm
Happy Hour M-F, 5-7pm, 2 for 1

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