Monday, March 10, 2008

I've Been Overly Flirtatious ...

It is possible to be overly flirtatious with food? Well, my "skinny jeans" seem to think so. I'm afraid I've been flirting with a few too many foods, too many times a day. Oops! Oh well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. Enter "French Women Don't Get Fat," by Mireille Guiliano. This book came out in 2005 and reads like a novel, but it's actually a book on how to lose weight in a very reasonable, doable way ... the French way. Now, French people are the original foodies (Italians may disagree) and thus, would never shun great food or live on protein bars and frozen meals. GROSS! So, I've decided to revisit this excellent little book, which focuses on conscious eating, the opposite of mindless eating, which has become ever so popular in America.

In short, you start out with a 2 day diet of homemade soup, then follow with three months of wonderful, albeit healthy, mainly homemade meals. You must agree to eat your meals sitting down at a table, not watching TV or talking on the phone. When you eat you focus on just that, eating. You taste the flavors and enjoy each bite. You take your time and eat slowly. You notice the first signs of being full and push the plate away, even if you're not a member of "the clean plate club." You also decide which foods are most likely the culprit for your weight gain. For me ... wine and sweets, so for three months, I'll keep those two items to a minimum, meaning weekends only.

I began this "lose five pounds" process 3 days ago and I have to say, it's AMAZING how a small amount of really wholesome food can be so satisfying. I was out to lunch the other day, ordered a chopped veggie salad, dressing on the side, and made the conscious decision to eat 1/3 of it and then decide if I was full, which I was. Normally I would have dove right in, munching away, paying more attention to my boyfriend than my meal. This time, I tried to enjoy each nuance, each ingredient and guess what? The meal was so wonderfully satisfying, I didn't think about food again until dinner! If you're a food lover who wants to shed a few pounds, this is the easiest diet plan around.

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  1. I love this book! I'm hungry nowfor some leek soup!