Friday, March 19, 2010

Cornish Games Hens with Citrus Berry BBQ Glaze & Wild Rice Stuffing ~ IF I CAN DREAM ~ WEEK 3

I heart Cornish Game Hens and if you are wondering why I'm not making them at the If I Can Dream House ... it's because they take about an hour and a half to two hours to roast so I am pre-roasting them at home. That means you get a sneak peek at what the cast and special guest Lacey Brown from American Idol will be enjoying tonight!



Cornish Games Hens with Citrus Berry BBQ Glaze

Pepperoni, Mushroom and Black Olive Pizza ... My Favorite
(From Thursday If I Can Dream Dinner with David Cook)
 Prosciutto, Mozzarella, Tomato, Arugula Whole Pizza with 
Honey Whole Wheat Crust
(From Thursday If I Can Dream Dinner with David Cook)

Triple Chocolate Therapy Cookies 
Money Mint Chocolate Cookies


  1. Cookies look delicious!! Gonna put the recipes for those??

  2. Raina,

    I am working on posting the recipe now! :)

  3. The cornish look great, waiting for you to post pics of the pork and the pasta dish. they sound great - love to have the recipes.
    aHope you will be back in the house soon.

  4. AWWW!! Just found out last night was your last. Sorry to see you go !! All your recipes looked great can't wait to see the last ones. You are so busy in the kitchen - Then i realize something. Here a thought for you. You have to make alot trips to the wastbasket. you should do a rachel ray, she makes a garage bowl where she is preparing food, so after all done one trip to the wastebasket. Just thought you would like a hint to save energy, that unless you figure you are getting a workout at the same time. haha. You will be miss and I think I am with alot of people wishing you well and hope to see you back in house again. Good Luck to you.

  5. Lindsay, are you going to post more recipes from the dream house? the cicken on your last night and the recipes for the pork and brussel sprout pasta. I hope so. Will you be going back there? I think they should alternate chefs, like switch between 4 or 5 of you. That would make it interesting. Be looking for your posts and following up on your progress.