Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bloom ~ 7

I've heard from more than one foodie that the neighborhood on Pico between Fairfax and Hauser is flowering into a boutique restaurant haven. I made my way down there this past Sunday to check out Bloom ... a little cafe that prides itself on seasonal, healthy fare and going green. We sat outside on the back patio which was very cool in a retro Jetson's sort of way. The bright white space is accented with orange tables and blue inset windows. Strings of lights hang from the canvas draped overhead and I bet the patio is especially charming at night.

The place was packed! We ordered 2 cafe au laits and tap water, which came chilled, sans ice, and infused with cucumber. The cups looked like plastic but were made from corn. Neat! This was by far the best tap water experience I've had in a restaurant. For brunch, I decided on the poached eggs on raisin walnut bread.

The food took awhile to arrive but was well worth the wait. My eggs were perfectly soft and the combination of savory tomato coulis and goat cheese spread over the soft sweet raisin bread created heaven right there in my mouth. I loved that they were so forward thinking with the flavor combinations. My boyfriend acutally cringed at the thought of goat cheese, tomatoes, egg and raisin bread all together, but once I convinced him to try a bite ... he ate half my breakfast.

He ordered the 222, which was good, but not as amazing as my dish. The 2 buttermilk pancakes were fluffy and flavored ever so lightly with orange. The eggs were ordered over medium but came out WAY OVER EASY so we sent them back. The second time around, they arrived perfectly soft boiled, but by this time he was full. The star players in the 222 were the sausage and syrup. The meat was well spiced, juicy and when dipped in the warm maple syrup with orange essence ... I knew that I'd found another thing to be addicted to in LA. Oh and BTW, the prices at Bloom are VERY reasonable, especially for such quality food.

Bloom Cafe
5544 Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90019
Phone: (323) 934-6900
Cross Street: Sierra Bonita Avenue
Hours: Daily 8am-5pm

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